My diabetic excuse…

I have learned that I try and blame EVERYTHING on diabetes.  If I feel nauseated, I check my sugar.  If I have a headache, I check my sugar.  If that I just feel weird- I check my- well, you get the point. So, whenever things are normal on the diabetes front, I go straight into panic mode- thinking that the domino effect that diabetes can cause on your health has begun to happen.  So, long story short, I will always be effected by my diabetes- even if I am completely controlled and healthy.  It’s in the back of my mind that it is likely my eyesight keeps worsening, my energy is fading, and my patience is gone- all because of this disease.  So, as much as I would like to say that my diabetes is “controlled”- in all honesty, it DOES control me.  If it didn’t, I would have more peace of mind, a lighter purse, and at least one room free of rogue used test strips.  🙂


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