Yes, I received a dreaded MOTOR ERR not once, but twice this week.  After calling Medtronic and speaking with a very personable assistant at 3:00 in the morning, I have a replacement pump on the way.  Together, we could not find a reason why the pump gave this error.  After rewinding, going through reservoir setup, rewinding AGAIN, doing a selftest, and finally listing my alarm history, Mr. Minimed decided to send out a replacement and will be looking for this lemon pump to be returned within 3 days of receiving the new pump.  Until then, I was advised to use my backup form of insulin management (aka injections) until the newbie arrives.  This should be an interesting few days… I already feel archaic.  And I’m gonna have a sore tummy 😦


I just want to clean my house!

Just wanted to clean the house- and all I hear is beep Beep BEEP!!! Bg= 65.  And dropping.  Really?!  Can I just pick up after my messy family and move on?! Good grief!

so, does diabetes effect your driving?

I recently purchased a new car- and when I went to file the car on our auto insurance, I was informed that my license had been canceled. TWO. YEARS. AGO. What the…? Ok, so the problem was that I had missed the deadline for one of the medical checkups that the state requires.  This entails a physical and my PCP to fill out a 5 page document saying “yes, she can drive.”  Then, these documents must be mailed to the state office and filed. And THEN my license will renew.  Now, normal people (aka those WITHOUT diabetes) can walk into their local motor vehicle office, take a sign test, and congrats: you have renewed your license.  This is just another complication of diabetes.  Sure, we all know about circulation, kidneys, eyes, etc.  But, no one warns you about things like, oh, renewing your license, lows when cleaning your house, or dealing with you health insurance.  Speaking of insurance, has anyone had any issues concerning automobile insurance not wanting to cover you or requiring high premiums because of diabetes?  I haven’t had an issue with this yet- and I don’t know if there is really a need to worry- but it is definitely something to research!  I do have to say, our insurance policy was all started online and I don’t remember anything medical associated with the application.  I’ll research it a little more and get back with you! If anybody has any other info to add, just leave a comment!

Where, oh where did my will power go?

Oh where, oh where can it be?!  Well, it’s the New Year- which always brings me to thinking about health, wealth, and life in general.  I, of course, start the year out with a blood glucose range from 68-204 (not exactly that nice, straight line on the cgms.)  I don’t know if I have ever mentioned that not only am I diabetic (duh), but I also have a disease called Hashimoto’s.  I tend to chalk every ache and pain up to diabetes, when in fact, I have many different ailments that combine to make me who I am.  Recently, I was also diagnosed with PCOS– which I had a hunch was going on anyway- but, was confirmed after blood tests.  Wow. And I take an anti-depressant :).  So, long story short, I have a few bumps in my road.  I’m hoping that this year, I can shed some weight and get more active- I know, I know- what a resolution!  Well, here goes nothing!