I’m baAAaack!

Oops- seriously, how do 2 months just fly by?!  Well, it did. And now I’m back.  And hopefully, more regularly 🙂  Lately, I became so disgusted with having a pump that I completely gave up on my CGM for about 2 weeks and then proceeded in living without a pump for about 30 hours.  Needless to say, the experiment taught me that, yes, I am still diabetic.  I was so scared to eat anything- and realized that I rely with all of my heart (and sugar) on the mathematical genius of my minimed.  Oh, whoa is me that I have lost all recollection of carb:insulin/active insulin/bolus algebra.  but, I have a whole new appreciation for my pump and that in and of itself is a successful experiment.  🙂

And it all flew out the window...........My minimed saves me once again 🙂


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