What does this mean?!?!

Recently, when checking my blood sugar for the millionth time, my five year old asked to check his.  This happens on occasion- I am sure from his perspective, it’s something that is way cool that is off limits. (NOT cool…at all, by the way.) So, after sticking his pretty little tiny finger, my mouth hit the floor…204.  What?!?!?! My pump starts beeping for a bolus (thank you, one touch pump link) and I try to figure out WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON.  So, first thing that I do is abruptly check it again- 199.  And then I move on to my daughter, just to ease my mind- she checks in at a beautiful 83.  And I guess because I am a sugar checking queen, I move on to hubby- who beeps in at an 80.  All night, I am freaking out.  And we are at our primary care physician’s office at 8:30 the next morning.  I am NOT messing around.  Blood sugar was 147 after some juice, which dropped to 62 within an hour. (WHAT?!) I don’t know what’s going on.This was 5 days ago and I still have no answers.  We were told to check his blood sugar fasting and again once each evening and call back with these numbers.  This morning, I relayed those numbers to the office nurse, who never called back 😦   Fasting blood sugars were all under 100, but he had a few spikes in the evenings that ranged from 80-170.  What does this mean?!?!  I’m totally beside myself at this point.