I can’t stand my Minimed.

I wish I had gotten the Animas Ping. I completely have pump envy. Not only does the Minimed’s backlight not stay on, but you have to press a button to make it come on. In the dark. Button pressing. Button pressing in the dark. I have literally almost bolused myself trying to get the backlight to come on. Because if the pump is not at the home/time screen, the backlight will not come on. And if it isn’t at that menu and you press the down button, you are at the basal menu. And if you press it again, it just runs through menus- without ever turning the light on. I can’t stand this. And anyone that I talk to about a pump or is in the process of a pump will hear this negative feedback. Again, I can’t stand my Minimed. Ugh.Image DetailImage Detail




so, does diabetes effect your driving?

I recently purchased a new car- and when I went to file the car on our auto insurance, I was informed that my license had been canceled. TWO. YEARS. AGO. What the…? Ok, so the problem was that I had missed the deadline for one of the medical checkups that the state requires.  This entails a physical and my PCP to fill out a 5 page document saying “yes, she can drive.”  Then, these documents must be mailed to the state office and filed. And THEN my license will renew.  Now, normal people (aka those WITHOUT diabetes) can walk into their local motor vehicle office, take a sign test, and congrats: you have renewed your license.  This is just another complication of diabetes.  Sure, we all know about circulation, kidneys, eyes, etc.  But, no one warns you about things like, oh, renewing your license, lows when cleaning your house, or dealing with you health insurance.  Speaking of insurance, has anyone had any issues concerning automobile insurance not wanting to cover you or requiring high premiums because of diabetes?  I haven’t had an issue with this yet- and I don’t know if there is really a need to worry- but it is definitely something to research!  I do have to say, our insurance policy was all started online and I don’t remember anything medical associated with the application.  I’ll research it a little more and get back with you! If anybody has any other info to add, just leave a comment!

My diabetic excuse…

I have learned that I try and blame EVERYTHING on diabetes.  If I feel nauseated, I check my sugar.  If I have a headache, I check my sugar.  If that I just feel weird- I check my- well, you get the point. So, whenever things are normal on the diabetes front, I go straight into panic mode- thinking that the domino effect that diabetes can cause on your health has begun to happen.  So, long story short, I will always be effected by my diabetes- even if I am completely controlled and healthy.  It’s in the back of my mind that it is likely my eyesight keeps worsening, my energy is fading, and my patience is gone- all because of this disease.  So, as much as I would like to say that my diabetes is “controlled”- in all honesty, it DOES control me.  If it didn’t, I would have more peace of mind, a lighter purse, and at least one room free of rogue used test strips.  🙂

Uh oh…

I’m not getting sick.  I’m Not getting sick.  I’m NOT getting sick. I’m achy… my bgnow is 165… Oh Crap.

Christmas just MAY be worse than Halloween :) (for a Diabetic, that is)

Candy canes, red velvet cake, hot chocolate, and fudge… weeks of treats and candies, snacks and desserts… my A1c will be a little higher this checkup 😦  It is so hard for me to control myself on a normal day- and then comes Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years… consecutively.  So, here’s to you, Purple Paradigm- you help me to enjoy these holidays as a “somewhat” normal person 😉

Oh, Amazon, you make Christmas complete

I love Amazon.  It’s so exciting to open the front door and see a brown box sitting there- and knowing that it isn’t filled with durable medical equipment.  I love shopping online, not having to worry about the open wounds from finger pricks becoming germ-magnets in public or that person behind you in line that likes to stand a little to close to MY PERSONAL SPACE.  So, I have found that Amazon is the best friend I never had.  I don’t have to speak to anyone, can shop at 3am if I feel like it, and can find some of the most obscure “accoutrements.”  AND, if I have a low moment, I can run to my kitchen- instead of looking like a some drugged crazy person that has the munchies and is walking through the local Wal-Mart, candy bar in one hand, pump in the other, digging through my purse to find my meter so that I can publicly bleed onto a test strip- all while making my way to the toy section that my eyes can’t even focus on- so that the kids will SHUT UP. (read: patiently wait while Mommy gets her body under control.)  SO, yes, online shopping- Love it.

On the diabetes front, had a low of 38 the other night.  You know you’re diabetic when you tell your 5 year old to “go get Dad”- and yells “MOM NEEDS YOU!!! HER BLOOD’S LOW!!!” But thank God he knows what to do.  I don’t hide any of my diabetes issues from the kids- from insertion sets to finger sticks, they’ve seen it all.  I pray that they will always be watching, and never having to deal with this themselves.  My son loves seeing it all go down, my daughter is preteen and could care less.  Granted, it does feel nice to have that little boy lay his head on me and say “it’s okay Mommy, it doesn’t hurt long”.   You never know- their awareness now may mean my lifesavers later.

A little about this new blogabetes!

This is Pumpgirl, a wife, mom, and fellow diabetic.  This is a little ditty about the way I work around the demands of all three of the those titles and still be ME.  I use a lovely little purple minimed pardigm that is actually screaming at me at this moment- BEEP Beep boop- LOW 74!!! So, I’m off to find my meter and check it out.  Maybe I AM still having a little trouble finding me in the diabetUS.  Humbug.