Where, oh where did my will power go?

Oh where, oh where can it be?!  Well, it’s the New Year- which always brings me to thinking about health, wealth, and life in general.  I, of course, start the year out with a blood glucose range from 68-204 (not exactly that nice, straight line on the cgms.)  I don’t know if I have ever mentioned that not only am I diabetic (duh), but I also have a disease called Hashimoto’s.  I tend to chalk every ache and pain up to diabetes, when in fact, I have many different ailments that combine to make me who I am.  Recently, I was also diagnosed with PCOS– which I had a hunch was going on anyway- but, was confirmed after blood tests.  Wow. And I take an anti-depressant :).  So, long story short, I have a few bumps in my road.  I’m hoping that this year, I can shed some weight and get more active- I know, I know- what a resolution!  Well, here goes nothing!


Happy Holidays!

We are having a great holiday season, with a white Christmas included! I unfortunately had a migraine on Christmas day- but, didn’t let it keep me from visiting family and friends ALL day! I’m still recovering and haven’t had any completely obscene blood sugars- ranging from around the mid-50s (over bolus) to the mid-200s (faulty insertion site, dang it!) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you from Pumpgirl and family!

And the hits just keep on coming

Had my Endo appointment yesterday- numbers were good! A1c of 6.2! And then the bad news- blood work came back consistent with PCOS. Not surprised at all, just a little heartbroken. Right when you think it’s all under control…

My diabetic excuse…

I have learned that I try and blame EVERYTHING on diabetes.  If I feel nauseated, I check my sugar.  If I have a headache, I check my sugar.  If that I just feel weird- I check my- well, you get the point. So, whenever things are normal on the diabetes front, I go straight into panic mode- thinking that the domino effect that diabetes can cause on your health has begun to happen.  So, long story short, I will always be effected by my diabetes- even if I am completely controlled and healthy.  It’s in the back of my mind that it is likely my eyesight keeps worsening, my energy is fading, and my patience is gone- all because of this disease.  So, as much as I would like to say that my diabetes is “controlled”- in all honesty, it DOES control me.  If it didn’t, I would have more peace of mind, a lighter purse, and at least one room free of rogue used test strips.  🙂


Uh oh…

I’m not getting sick.  I’m Not getting sick.  I’m NOT getting sick. I’m achy… my bgnow is 165… Oh Crap.

Christmas just MAY be worse than Halloween :) (for a Diabetic, that is)

Candy canes, red velvet cake, hot chocolate, and fudge… weeks of treats and candies, snacks and desserts… my A1c will be a little higher this checkup 😦  It is so hard for me to control myself on a normal day- and then comes Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years… consecutively.  So, here’s to you, Purple Paradigm- you help me to enjoy these holidays as a “somewhat” normal person 😉

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